Wednesday, February 8, 2012

its the technology to be blamed...

assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

new post.

it is really the technology to be blamed, why ? because i should have my rest now,but i'm not ready yet, the technology is pulling me to share my experiences today.

its already about three days i'm having fever and the symptoms. U know, fever is really 'not best'. hehe, but i'm sure, there will be a 'meaningful hikmah' after this, i just have to be patient.

last night, the fever was very bad, i didn't think i can go for work today, yeaaaaaaa, just kidding, work means money ok, n money means saving, and so on. however, Alhamdulillah, this morning, i still can stand for work. Then, when its starting to be evening, about 2 pm, i said to my 'boss', not 'ask' but said (BECAUSE I REALLY CAN'T ENDURE IT ANYMORE, I REALLY HAVE TO GO TO CLINIC) to go home early because i want to go to clinic.

In clinic:
1-nurse said "my temperature is 38.2 deg celc", i know it is a fever of course.
2-nurse asked me to go for blood test. (since i feel numb at some part of my body.
-the blood test, huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, kind of 'ngeri' sbb lama da x tengok jarum ..kikiki..
3-A medical assistant asked me bla..bla..bla...then he asked me to go for urine test/check.
4-the medical assistant said, i didn't drink enough water.
5-i was prescribed with some medicines, oh man, there's one type of medc, i just don't like it, don't know how to finish, in my experience, i'have taken that medc for 3 or 4 times before, but i don't remember if i have ever finish it.

i went home, riding my motorcycle by shifting using one and two hand, because although the blood test was simple, its still quite numb to use my left hand riding my motorcycle.

at home, i took my lunch, then i disciplined my self to try to finish all the medc as prescribed ..but when it comes to the 'my don't like' medc, i felt like i'm a kid, because i just can't finish it, half vomiting laaaaaaaaaaa.. then i throw some of prescribed amount.. its ok right, at least i tried to take it.sorry la medc ya.

i felt like putting some pictures in this post, but i have to postpone it, its time to rest i think..haha..because i can't stand few more minutes to put pictures in this post.

pray for me ya..

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